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If you’re one of our dozens of dedicated daily blog readers, and you’ve fretted – if only I could easily share all this delightful insightfulness with all my friends – you’re in luck! There are several ways you can pass the wisdom on to others:

Social Bookmarking. If you receive the blog by email or subscribe using an RSS reader, there are several sharing options at the end of each post. These include social link and bookmarking sites like del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. All of these let you share links to what you’re reading across the intertubes with the wider public or your own friends. You can rate and comment on links, too.

Facebook. Let’s get real – you’re all on Facebook now (even Monica is). There are several ways you can share what you read here on your profile.

  1. If you read something you like here, you can go to the top of your Facebook wall, click the “What’s on your mind” box and select “add link.” Then just copy and paste the link’s post into the field and click Share.
  2. That’s a lot of steps. The quicker way is to add the Facebook “Share Bookmarklet” to your bookmarks bar in your browser. Go here and drag the button on to the bookmarks bar (just below where you enter in a website address). Anytime you’re reading one of our posts in your browser, just click this button and a box will pop up allowing you to share the link on your profile. Make sure you do this and not just send it to one person!
  3. If you’re an email or RSS subscriber, just click “Share on Facebook” at the bottom of each post.
  4. Social RSS. Add the Social RSS application to your Facebook profile so that our posts are automatically displayed on your profile. You can add this site’s RSS feed as well as any other feeds you want your friends to see. (Click here for what an RSS feed is.) Once you add the application, scroll to the very bottom of the page and add https://tulsainitiative.wordpress.com/feed/ in the URL box.

Twitter. Over the last few months, you may have heard “Twitter” and “tweet” being bandied about by all your savvy or wanna-be savvy friends. Twitter is a “microblog” where users “tweet” short thoughts (160 characters or less) about what they’re doing, reading, thinking, etc. I use my account* to share interesting links. There are several services that convert a very long link url to a much shorter one so that it fits in your tweet. I use http://is.gd. If you’re a twitterer, remember to share the interesting posts you find here with your friends in the twitter-verse.

LinkedIn. The preferred social networking tool for professional contacts, LinkedIn provides a lot of the functions of Facebook or Myspace but without the awkward photos of you partying in college. LinkedIn has a WordPress application that will display this blog’s content right on your profile for all the world to see. Type in https://tulsainitiative.wordpress.com as the blog’s url so all your contacts can see the blog you’re reading.

Commenting. While we’re on the subject of sharing, remember you are always welcome and encouraged to comment on our posts. At the bottom of each post is a box for commenting. You don’t have to have an account but if you’re a first-time commenter, your entry will be sent to me for moderation. Keep it professional!

*No I’m not going to link to any of my personal accounts, but I’m easily findable.

Images used under Creative Commons licenses from flickr users: photopia, AJC1, mfilej, and JerryLuk (from top to bottom).


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I like to occasionally point out what other people are doing with blogs in our areas of interest.

  • This February, the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association launched a blog on early childhood education and policy. And I must say that that is one handsome design…
  • Inside Pre-K is a blog by Pre-K Now written by actual early childhood educators about their experiences in the classroom.
  • A blog called Workforce Developments is staying on top of news and policy across the workforce world.

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The Oklahoma Policy Institute announced the coming launch of their very own blog. Citizens take note: you will have no excuse to lack basic (and thorough!) awareness of the most important policy issues facing our state. That includes this frightening fact: state revenues for February came in 30.4 percent below projections. That’s $104 million that we thought would be there and isn’t.

In other blog-related news:

  • For CAP employees: We now have a link on the Inside CAP website, under “News and Info.”
  • The Nudge blog linked to our story about behavior change and Tulsa printers. As Diama says, “this is nerd famous.”

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